Here at CSEP we use Abeka curriculum. Abeka combines challenging academics as well as a biblical worldview. This means, our students, starting at a young age, are prepared to make a difference in the world. The Abeka curriculum offers age appropriate curricula designed to challenge your child at their level of understanding. Abeka's subject Distinctives include: Bible, reading, history, mathematics, science/health, English, and art.  With these fundamental pillars firmly rooted in our students, they are more than equipped to transition to an elementary school after kindergarten. A detailed curriculum layout for each grade level will be provided to parents every year at Open House. 

Student Ratio

Our student ratio is based on the developmental age of children. We believe that providing individualized attention to each child is of the utmost importance to foster each child's unique skill set, knowledge, and talents. We believe that the road to success starts now. 

Nursery-- 4:1

Toddlers-- 9:1

Three's-- 11:1

Kindergarten-- 12:1 

Summer Programming


Our students attend chapel three days a week. Chapel is a time to take a break from school work to learn about God through a Bible story, learn songs, and have fun!

CSEP Chapel

Children deserve to have fun and take a break from school! Our summer programs include scheduled age appropriate weekly activities. These weekly activities include: arts and crafts, swimming, and trips to the movies. All off campus field trips are for ages 4 and up. 


Here at CSEP our material objective is transparency and constant communication between parents and our staff. Choosing a school and a daycare can be a daunting and sometimes scary task. We encourage transparency by holding various events for parents throughout the school year to see what their children are doing throughout the year and to build stronger communication between parents and staff.